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Friday, April 01, 2005

David Brotsky, Scuba Diver??!! - Who knew I could do this - very flattering shot...I thought the juxtaposition of me and charles was a bit too cool to pass up! Posted by Hello

His Highness - best shot - here he is, as I describe in the text below, just feet from me - what was he thinking? Well, mazal tov Charles, you sure need it! READ THE TEXT BELOW to understand this encounter... Posted by Hello

Prince Charles 3 - Here is Charles when he finally stopped stalking me - I mean as he was leaving.... Posted by Hello

Prince Charles 2 - Here is some folks greeting 'Charles' Posted by Hello

Prince Charles 1 - Here are folks waiting for Charles - look at the sense of anticipation! Posted by Hello

Great Barrier Reef Redux - 3 - my instructor and the other person who took the class with me...he is asking if I am ok, as I seemed to gurgle on the water... Posted by Hello

Great Barrier Reef Redux 2 - Coral - very wierd looking stuff! Posted by Hello

Great Barrier Reef Redux 1?! - I recently had my underwater camera developed, and here are more shots from my trip to the Great Barrier Reef - this was some nice coral and an interesting fish in the lower middle.. Posted by Hello